What is PA/PE Bags ?

In today’s diverse packaging world, PA/PE bags are gradually becoming a popular choice thanks to their flexibility, durability and outstanding product protection. Made from a combination of Polyamide (PA) and Polyethylene (PE), PA/PE bags not only provide an effective packaging solution but also contribute to environmental protection thanks to their reusability and Recycling.

Features and Benefits


PA/PE bags stand out with their ability to withstand harsh environments, from low temperatures in the freezer to high temperatures during transportation under the sun. Their durability comes from the Polyamide (PA) layer, which helps resist punctures and tears, while the Polyethylene (PE) layer provides excellent moisture and vapor resistance. This combination creates a flexible packaging solution that meets product preservation needs in many industries.


  • Environmental protection: PA/PE bags have less negative impact on the environment compared to other types of packaging thanks to their ability to be recycled and reused.
  • Cost savings: High durability helps minimize the need to replace bags frequently, thereby saving costs for businesses.
  • Product preservation: Moisture and vapor resistance helps extend product preservation time, especially important for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Outstanding advantages of PA/PE bags:

  • High durability: Thanks to the PA layer, PA/PE bags have good load-bearing capacity, effective impact and tear resistance. Especially suitable for packaging products that are heavy or have sharp edges.
  • Waterproofing ability: PE layer helps prevent the penetration of oxygen, moisture and external substances, preserving the product’s integrity and freshness for a long time.
  • Flexibility: They can be produced in many different sizes, colors and designs, meeting the diverse needs of customers.
  • Easy to print: The surface of them can easily print logos, product information and eye-catching images, helping to increase aesthetics and attract consumers’ attention.
  • Safe for health: They are manufactured from safe materials, do not contain toxic substances, ensuring safety for users’ health.


PA/PE bags, with good load-bearing, waterproofing and preservation capabilities, have become the ideal solution for many industries. Below are specific industries and how they use them.

Food industry

  • Preserving fresh food: PA/PE bags help extend the preservation time of meat, fish and seafood, keeping them fresh without the need for chemical preservatives.
  • Packaging of frozen products: They are also widely used to package frozen vegetables, fruits and other frozen products, preventing the formation of ice crystals between the food and the packaging bag.
  • Processed food packaging: Products such as cheese, bacon, and other processed products are packaged in them to maintain freshness and food safety.

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Preserving pharmaceuticals and medical materials: PA/PE bags play an important role in preserving drugs, medical supplies and medical equipment, ensuring they are stored in optimal conditions, avoiding mold and mildew. and dirt.
  • Packaging of disposable medical products: Sterilized products such as gloves, cotton swabs, and other consumable materials are packaged in PA/PE bags to maintain sterility until use.


  • Protect electronic components: Electronic components and circuit boards are very sensitive to moisture and dust. PA/PE bags, with high moisture resistance, are the ideal choice for packaging and preserving these components.
  • Packaging and shipping of electronic products: Products such as mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices are packaged in PA/PE bags to protect them from environmental impacts during the process. transport.

Garment industry

  • Preserving and transporting clothes: They are used to package clothes, helping to protect them from mold and dust during transportation and storage.

Agriculture Industry

  • Preserving seeds and fertilizers: Seeds and fertilizers need to be stored in dry conditions to avoid loss of germination and effectiveness. They ensure the best storage conditions for them.

Chemical industry

Chemical packaging: Many chemicals need to be stored carefully to avoid affecting the environment and human health. PA/PE bags provide a safe, leak-proof and mold-proof packaging solution.

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