Top Five Applications of FIBC Bags

Top Five Applications of FIBC Bags

Since their first use in the 1940s, the FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) or Bulk Bags may have undergone a few changes, but they are still the preferred choice for bulk transportation in many industries. So if you’re wondering how to apply FIBC bags to your process safely and effectively, here are five best applications of FIBC Bags.

1. Carrying fine powder

FIBC bags, particularly those with sift-proof seams, work great when it comes to handling fine material such as cement, powdered metals, and minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc ash, cobalt powder, carbon black, and food-grade powders such as skimmed milk and spices, to name a few. A breathable FIBC Bag may cause some loss of product, so choose a coated FIBC bag if you need to transport products such as grains.

2. Maintaining the quality and stability of agricultural products

Inadequate storage and transportation of agro products contribute to waste and can be controlled with the help of proper packaging. Agricultural FIBC Bulk bags are very popular in packing and transporting agricultural products such as grains, pulses, animal feeds, and fertilizers.

Due to their sturdy build, these bags are capable of maintaining their shape, while saving space during shipment. Plus, the breathable or ‘uncoated’ variant of FIBC Bulk bags allows air and moisture to more easily pass through reducing spoilage while preserving the quality of agricultural produce.

3. Safe transportation of Critical Products

Certain products are flammable and prone to static charges, which can build up to cause explosions. This makes it tricky to transport them and therefore, a packing solution that minimizes hazard is required. FIBC Bags with static control characteristics are perfect for the purpose of stacking, storing, lifting, and transporting petroleum and other flammable products. These bags are resistant to sparks and static which ensures safety during transportation.

4. Transportation of plastics

The thermoplastic industry serves nearly every other industry in the world and as such, depends heavily on bulk packing for the supply of its goods. Plastics are typically shipped from the manufacturing plant to factories in the form of pellets. FIBC Bags are an excellent option for safe and economic transportation of plastic pellets.

5. Construction and building materials

The construction industry relies on a fast and efficient supply of materials such as cement, sand, stone, gravel, as well as metals and minerals. Therefore, it’s extremely critical to have reliable and durable bags to transport construction materials. FIBC Bag fits the needs of the industry as they are sturdy and flexible enough to be moved around on-site. Plus, they can be easily used to transport materials across vast distances.

Besides these applications, FIBC Bags find application in other industries too. If you’re looking for a strong, robust, and resilient packing option for your industry, FIBC Bags are worth giving a try. As a reputed FIBC Bulk bags Minh Anh can help you realize increased profitability and operational savings through an efficient packing solution.

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