How to Reduce the Aging Rate of Plastic Woven Bags ?

How to Reduce the Aging Rate of Plastic Woven Bags?

Woven bags are widely used, but with the increasing use of time, plastic woven bags will also have an aging phenomenon.

As we all know, plastic woven bags are made up of polypropylene bags and polyethylene bags according to their main materials. They are divided into sewing bottom bags and sewing edge bottom bags according to sewing methods. They are widely used in express transportation, agricultural fertilizer, container cement, commercial products, chemical products, and another packaging.

So how to reduce the aging rate of plastic woven bags to a certain extent, and prolong their service life, thereby reducing the pressure on the environment?

How to Reduce the Aging Rate of Plastic Woven Bags ?
How to Reduce the Aging Rate of Plastic Woven Bags ?

To reduce the aging rate of plastic woven bags, it is necessary to know the anti-aging properties of woven bags. The test samples of plastic woven bags can be placed in the test equipment to test the aging performance of the woven bags, and at the same time or alternately they are affected by light, oxygen, heat, and humidity. The anti-aging effect of the products tested qualified after accelerated aging will be different when they are used. Especially when hindered amine light stabilizer is added in the case of filler, its anti-aging effect is unstable. Under the condition of direct sunlight, the strength of plastic woven bags decreases by 25% after one week and 40% after two weeks, which basically can not be used. Usually, we do not pay attention to these problems in the use, so the aging phenomenon of woven bags is particularly numerous. Therefore, to avoid the sharp decline in intensity, try to avoid placing the knitting bags in the open-air environment to reduce direct sunlight. In the process of storage and transportation of woven bags, excessive temperature (container transportation) or rain will also cause the strength of woven bags to decline, and then they fail to meet the quality requirements of protecting the contents.

Although the outdoor exposure test of woven bags is time-consuming and requires enormous manpower and financial resources, the test data obtained meets the practical requirements and can be used to evaluate the anti-aging quality and monitor the anti-aging effect of woven bags. Finally, the technicians remind us that the anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation ability of the woven bag itself should be considered in daily use. Therefore, in daily use of woven bags, especially when they were placed outdoors, we must pay attention to the anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation ability of the woven bags themselves. Especially the ordinary woven bags for family or industry and agriculture, it is best to put them in the place where there is no direct sunshine, dryness, insects, ants, and mice in the room. It is strictly forbidden to expose to sunshine.

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