Essential Jumbo Facts You Should Know

Essential Jumbo Facts You Should Know

Leakproof jumbo bag

The jumbo bag, also known as the big bag, bulk bag, FIBC, is a large size packaging made from woven PP (polypropylene) plastic. Leakproof jumbo bags are used to store a variety of goods at high loads, usually from  500kg – 2000kg.

Today, spillproof jumbo bag  is a type of packaging that is  diversely applied in many industries to store and transport goods. The products are usually in granules, flakes  and  powders. In which a large percentage of products are contained by jumbo bags, which are usually in the form of fine powder  or  superfine.

Jumbo bags are manufactured from woven PP fabric with sewing technology. Therefore, it is necessary to have a jumbo bag solution  to store fine powders with special techniques to  prevent product the outside.


Anti-leak bags are high-end products with high technical requirements in the production of jumbo bags

As a manufacturer of jumbo bags with many years of experience, Minh Anh Packaging Company shares some notes after customers choose the solution of jumbo bags containing fine powder.

1. Coated jumbo bag: For leak-proof jumbo bags, PP woven fabric needs to be coated with a layer of glue from  27-30gr/m2 . The coating glue will help  cover the surface of the fabric, cover the gaps  of the textile fibers, and prevent the product from leaking through the gaps of the textile fibers.

2. Only leak-proof cushion: With fine powder products, heavy products with high self-flow, any small puncture will cause the product to leak. So if sewing in the normal way, the product will blow according to the needle position of the seam. To overcome, jumbo bag manufacturer Minh Anh uses padding to reinforce the seam. After sewing, the anti-leak pad will cover the needle holes of the seam, and at the same time cover the cracks, expansion of the pinhole during the jumbo packing process.

3. Strengthening details: jumbo bag bottom discharge tube is the main design for  solution of jumbo bag containing fine powder. Depending on the properties of the product such as  smoothness, moisture, adhesion, specific gravity, self-flow… that Louispack jumbo bag manufacturer will have different reinforcement details such as  margin reinforcement, discharge bottom, lining… Ensure the jumbo bag holds the fine powder at a safe high load.

4. Use cage bags for jumbo bags (liner): PE-lined jumbo bags are considered a simple method for storing fine powder products. The jumbo bag will be  nested with a PE layer  in the form of a tube with a thickness of  50mic – 90mic, a larger size than the outer jumbo bag. The PE layer will completely isolate the product inside from the outside environment


PE cage jumbo bags are considered a simple method for fine powder products

For products such as  jumbo bags containing flour  (tapioca starch, modified flour), jumbo bags containing minerals (titanium, bauxite), jumbo bags containing chemicals… Special attention should be paid to the anti-flaking ability of the bags. jumbo to avoid product loss, protect the factory environment and workers’ health when operating

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