Choosing Jumbo Bags: Key Factors

Choosing Jumbo Bags: Key Factors

JUMBO (also known as big bag, ton bag, bulk bag, FIBC) is a large size package made of woven polypropylene (PP) used to store, store and transport products and materials with load from 500kg – 2500kg. A type of packaging that is increasingly popularly used in storing and transporting goods during the period of industrialization and modernization.

There is a need to include jumbo bags in the enterprise application, or increase the number and variety of products that make choosing a jumbo bag a regular and more important job.

 1. Know the nature of the product to contain.

  • You need to specify the product that jumbo bags will contain in bulk, pellets, granules or fine powder.

  • Is the product more angular?
  • Does the product have a gas outlet or waterproof, moisture-proof?

These factors will help the jumbo bag manufacturer determine how many gr / m2 PP fabrics to use, whether coated or uncoated. This factor determines over 50% of the cost of packaging and over 80% of the safety when using the product container




2.How many kg of jumbo bags do you need?

The amount of jumbo bags needed will be important information to calculate bag size, fabric quantity and bag breaking force. An optimal jumbo bag design is when the bag size fits best with the expected volume, fabric quantification and belt breaking force ensure safety when using. This also helps the price of your jumbo bag to be the most reasonable.

3.How to close and discharge jumbo bags in and out?

This determines the type of jumbo bag mouth and bottom. You choose the jumbo bag of the filler – the discharge bottom or the cover jumbo – the bottom depends on this information.

The design of the mouth and the bottom of the bag is suitable for the method and equipment of discharge and discharge, making the process of using the bag fast and easy.

4. What is your means of transportation?

  • Case 1: You only use jumbo bags containing internal service materials in the factory. Your jumbo bag is a forklift or crane or crane. This information will help your bag with the most suitable and safe straps design.
  • Case 2: You use jumbo bags to transport goods on the road or export. Container truck and container sizes are special information to be noted in order to fit the size of the vehicle.

5.Do you need to re-use jumbo bags ?

Usually there is a need to use one of the following two cases: Your bag will fall into one of the following two situations:

  • Case 1: Jumbo bags are packed – stored – transported to consumer places – removed from bags. This is called a cycle of use. If the bag only uses one cycle as above, just ensure the 5: 1 safety factor

  • Case 2: After the end of the cycle as in case 1, you need to continue to reuse how many times. In this case, it must ensure a 6: 1 safety factor. It means that the design of the bag will have more reinforcement to ensure safety, more durability and higher cost.



6. Choose a reputable jumbo bag supplier.

Currently there are many suppliers of jumbo bags with different levels of quality and service. Choosing a reputable packaging supplier to order is an extremely important factor. You need the following notes:

  • A professional jumbo bag supplier will ask for information about the product contained, Your needs and how to use your bag before designing the bag.

  • Jumbo sourcing provider always believes in deploying packages designed for your needs and supporting you to test samples, when you are satisfied to receive orders and mass production.

Prestigious jumbo bag supplier:

  • Jumbo bags will be manufactured according to European 5: 1 or 6: 1 safety factor standards.

  • Will take the safety and benefit of the Customer as the focus, so they will advise you to remove any details, increase the details of the jumbo bag to suit and save the most.
  • It will always be accurate about delivery time, quality assurance and the highest responsibility in handling arising situations.

MINH ANH is currently one of the reputable jumbo bag suppliers receiving the highest appreciation from Customers for the above factors.

Call us immediately via Hotline 0944635999 to receive the best advice and support on design, technical support to ensure the Jumbo Bag Solution is best suited to your packing and shipping needs.

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